Environmental stress, natural aging, and over-exfoliation decrease the lipid content of the skin that results in moisture loss. Regular use of Omega Lipid Drops reverse these effects resulting in softer smoother skin.


This age inhibitor complex extends the life of skin cells and preserves skin elasticity and moisture levels. It protects and prevents the depletion of COLLAGEN and promotes new COLLAGEN growth to repair and prevent the formation of lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, delaying the early signs of aging.

   Vitana is one of the most effective and healing anti-aging skincare products, made with only the purest botanical ingredients. Its contents are not only rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins, but also incorporate vital fatty acids that allow for the highest level of skin penetration and deep epidermal rejuvenation. This nutritious combination is designed for everyone in search of the healthiest way to maintain their skin elasticity, hydration and collagen production.

   Fully aware of the detrimental effects many commercial products have on our skin, we are...

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