Environmental stress, natural aging, and over-exfoliation decrease the lipid content of the skin that results in moisture loss. Regular use of Omega Lipid Drops reverse these effects resulting in softer smoother skin.


This age inhibitor complex extends the life of skin cells and preserves skin elasticity and moisture levels. It protects and prevents the depletion of COLLAGEN and promotes new COLLAGEN growth to repair and prevent the formation of lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, delaying the early signs of aging.
  Anna Golub has accumulated more then 20 years of study, research, practical training and professional experience in paramedical esthetic as well as anti-aging and holistic skin care.
  Born and trained in Moscow, Anna continued her studies in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. She completed her education at the International Dermal Institute in New York and at the Boston Institute of Esthetics, concentrating on hormonal influences on the skin and customized anti-aging techniques As the founder of the Anti-Aging & Longevity Center, Anna views aging as a manageable life condition. Young looking skin can be preserved
with proper nutrition and skin care based solely on natural products and deep cellular revitalization. She has been products for decades, carefully selecting and combining raw materials from precious botanicals and phytoextracts that have the power to keep skin vibrantly youthful.

  The active ingredients in the Vitana line are blended into luxurious emollient creams and serums that satisfy hundreds of her clients - they travel from all over the New England area to maintain their healthy glow. Anna believes that a unique product formula could be created only as a result of working directly with people and their skin.

  Since 2001, Anna has also dedicated her work to oncology patients - helping their skin following chemotherapy treatments, as well as providing lectures, seminars and complementary consultations. Anna�s doors are open every Saturday for anyone who is searching for a customized approach to preserving their beauty with an anti-aging assessment.

Anna also provides educational programs and comprehensive trainings to spa and wellness professionals. Her anti-aging expertise and professional experience in a beauty industry has been featured in both local and national magazines.

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